Buzzline is a specialist contract centre focusing on helping you promote excellence and results in your support services that you provide for your clients or customers.

Why choose us?

We help customer service and customer retention managers consistently achieve customer satisfaction ratings above 95%.

Our clients value the fact that we have mastered the art of interacting professionally with their customers; always demonstrating respect, acknowledgement and appreciation.

For you to operate at optimal efficiency, you need flexibility, that’s why we won’t lock you into long- term contracts.

Our contracts and service levels are simple, easy to understand with no onerous or complicated terms and conditions.

We’re always open to negotiate your service package and price.

Our management structure is flat, which assures you of quick response times and an efficient service.

We offer

  • Help desk and after-sales services

  • Customer service & support

  • Customer retention services

  • Telemarketing research services

  • Data capture, maintenance and verification


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