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We are an accredited training service provider making a difference through excellence.

Our experiential workshops have inspired, challenged and equipped thousands of leaders, managers and team members within key business and government sectors throughout South Africa with the knowledge and tools to become promoters of excellent results.

Our passionate, high energy team of business professionals have extensive experience in work-skills, leadership and performance management coaching and training and pride themselves in promoting excellent results.

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  • We have integrity, including fair and transparent pricing
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  • We are accountable – we take full ownership

Winning@Work Workshop

Fast-track staff to shine,
flourish and enjoy success at work

Would you like to see your staff

  • have a great attitude
  • promote ethical conduct
  • manage diversity better
  • improve communication and teamwork
  • boost morale and promote professional conduct?

Our Winning@Work Tools unlock awareness and empower staff to:

  • Develop a winning attitude – means being more open-minded to help them put others first; value ethics & improve ethical intelligence; and manage diversity better
  • Practice professionalism in the workplace – comply with a profession and/or a company's code of conduct as well as unwritten etiquette to build positive relations with customers, colleagues and other stakeholders – among others your staff will apply professional conduct in meetings; open plan offices; dress code; and greeting and introducing people in a business setting
  • Keep information flowing and build strong relationships at work – staff learn the benefits of excellent communication, the principles of the communication process, how to adapt to different communication styles, how to interpret and use non-verbal language to present a professional image and what is acceptable Internet, email, telephone & cellphone etiquette

Leading and Managing for Excellence Workshop

Everyone is attracted to excellence

Leading & Managing for Excellence inspires and empowers business leaders and managers to become promoters of excellence in business. This experiential, content-rich 3 day workshop utilises engaging exercises, activities, and multimedia illustrations to help you learn how to build and maximise your ability and effectiveness as a leader and manager and set the standard for success in your business.

This Learning experience will enable you to:

  • Demonstrate the competencies needed to grow as a leader and manager who promotes excellence
  • Understand the related complimentary functions and roles of leaders and manager in business
  • Measure your current abilities and effectiveness as a leader and manager
  • Understand how to inspire, influence, motivate and empower your team to deliver excellent results
  • Understand the systems and processes needed to drive quality and production to achieve profitability
  • Understand how to compound team production through coaching and mentoring
  • Establish deliberate successful leader and manager habits, strategies and processes to grow on a daily basis

Programme Outline:

Managing and Leading for Organisational Excellence

  • Leaders and Managers promoters of excellence in any organisation
  • Understanding Excellence
  • Progression from incompetence-competence-excellence and giftedness
  • Managing and leading what's the difference?
  • Excellent Mindedness – How does it work
  • Expanding mediocre zone to become excellent
  • Become Excellent minded

Leading for Excellence and Success

  • Leading to Influence followers to live the values that deliver excellence
  • Leading to love and empower your people achieve excellence
  • Increase your leadership effectiveness and ability and create a climate for profitability and fruitfulness

Develop Your Personal Leadership for Prosperity & Success

  • Develop a winning and Self Awareness
  • Practice Self- Leadership Everyday
  • Apply Ethical Filter to develop Emotional Intelligence
  • Energy and Perseverance to build a High Performing Team
  • Courage and Discipline to grow Confidence for tough decisions

Facilitative Leadership for connecting and winning with people

  • Facilitate to place responsibility where it rightly belongs to ensure people take ownership for their own issues
  • Facilitate problem solving and decision making that guarantees joint ownership of projects, and responsibilities
  • Apply Facilitative Tools to achieve desired results

Communication Key to Leadership Excellence

  • Honour the rules of engagement
  • Craft & Customise your message (Communication Styles)
  • Use Body Power to create positive energy
  • Communicate to maintain priorities and keep focus on main goals
  • Communicate openly and sincerely
  • Know your audience
  • Live your message
  • Show the way with the right actions
  • Go to where they are
  • Be willing to listen
  • Care enough to ask
  • Honesty to admit fault
  • Loyal to act
  • Eager to correct and set things right

Managing for Excellence and Success

  • How does managing work?
  • Planning for Success
  • Organising for Success
  • Controlling Success
  • Coordinating for Success

Performance Management for Energised Performance

  • Communication.
  • Providing consequences
  • Developmental Feedback
  • Establishing/monitoring performance expectations
  • Execute PMS
  • Review of PMS

Energise Performance Management Training

The best managers are always focusing on systems and processes critical for completing the job successfully and excellently. Performance Management is a control function that holds people accountable for what gets done and how it gets done to achieve excellent results. Energise Performance Management is a 3 day interactive workshop to inspire and equip managers with the knowledge and tools to:

  • measure what matters
  • set accurate performance targets
  • control and monitor productivity and performance for excellent results

At the end of this workshop delegates will be competent to:

  • Create comprehensive job descriptions for your staff that are aligned to your company's strategic objectives
  • Set the indicators, measures and targets that will best drive employee performance
  • Conduct developmental performance reviews
  • Confidently use an online performance management system

Take the stress out of Performance Reviews and create a culture of continuous improvement.

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